{Died Jan. 4, 1985}
{Died July 10, 1964}
Photo of house not available at this time
Photo of rental house behind the main house.

Andres was born in
San Buena Ventura, Coahuila, Mexico
on Nov. 30, 1887.
His parents were

Andres emigrated to Eagle Pass, Texas
on Aug. 14, 1907.
From Eagle Pass, he traveled and settled
in San Marcos, Texas.

Antonia  was born in
Eagle pass, Texas
on July 24, 1893.
Her parents were
Jose Maria Estrada
Charlotta Valdez

At some point Antonia and her family moved to San Marcos,
where she and Andres met.

Andres & Antonia
were married on
Oct. 20, 1909
in San Marcos, Texas

They moved around Texas,
where they worked in the fields,
finally making San Antonio their home.

One of their first homes in San Antonio was in Cementville, which is now known as the Quarry.
They lived in house #5 from 1914 - 1919.
One of the reason they moved were bad memories because abuelito's brother,
Ramon was electrocuted while working.

With the help of their children, Andres and Antonia moved to
815 So. Brazos Street.

Andres acquired a wealth of knowledge from reading and listening to everyone and observing everything.
In 1972, he was impressed by Jimmy Carter.  Andres felt  he would change the country. This  inspired Andres to become a
United States citizen
in order to be able to vote.

There are so many stories about abuelito I can recall, but one stands out more than others.  Abuelito would as you all may know help my dad {Chacho} at the molino on weekends.  But abuelito did not like for any of us to pick him up or take him home.  He felt we would be late or run out of gas or have an accident.   So, he would be there one minute doing whatever and then he would be gone.  No one ever saw him leave, he would just be gone, so we come to refer to him as the
"Lone Ranger".
There one minute then gone the next.

Please feel free to share your special remembrances of the "abuelos" with us.

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